HangR Coat Rack from $225

HangR Coat Rack from $225

A hand made coat rack, hat stand or wall art.

Forest HangR is a coat hook made of up to nine New Zealand native timbers. Each HangR is an individual and no two will be the same.

Woods in each HangR can be







Silver beech

Red beech


Mountain beech

Easliy mounted on your wall (Fixings supplied), every second piece rotates out from the wall to give between 22 and 27 different hooks to hang bags, jackets and hats. All or only some of the pieces can be rotated out to create the effect that you desire.

The forest is 600mm long * 300mm high, Steel core and stainless steel washers.

Custom sizes are available, just ask me a question and I can price your piece for you.

I have completed up to 1.8 meters in the past.

I also have single species available in Rimu, Kauri, Kahikatea, American white oak and American white ash. The single species are stunning!!

A 600mm long Forest HangR is $630.

Pricing is based on per 100mm of length @$105 p/100mm.

Last picture is a HangR mini, these ones are 190-200mm wide with 3 fold out pieces and a total of 7 hanging points. $225

Ask me a question for individual pricing for the length that you need.

Thanks for looking,


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