Light reflector $130

Light reflector $130

Light reflector, Play board, curve board, fun board, slide, vase……..anything else.

This is really a simple bent piece of wood that Im not allowed to make.

My 4 and 8 year old kids use it as a slide, a surf board, a car jump, a tunnel and it really is a good toy. This is a simple toy that has a million and one different uses. Adult friends use theirs to store plants on and like the fengshui that the shape gives, I like to think of it as an open ended vase and often use mine covered in white paper as a photo reflector for those dull days.

I made this using a form bending technigue, one of a few ways you can bend wood, the other being steam and vacumn pressing. I made this with 3 layers of plywood to get maximum adhesion to maintain the form. The outer sheet is a nice fine birch plywood. Finished with olive oil.

My photos have improved since I have made this.

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