Premium Chopping boards for sale

Premium Chopping boards for sale

This is a selection of boards that I have available for sale and immediate shipping.

All of my boards are end grain boards and are made with food safe and waterproof glue ( the best available on the market). All boards are finished in Xtra light olive oil or Natural mineral oil depending on the application.

Boards listed here can be adapted if they are not perfect for your needs.

Additional handles, extra $15 per board.

Boards with a juice groove add $20.

Adding rubber feet $5.

A laser etching service is available to personalise each board. Good for groups, cafes, clubs, small businesses. A small fee from as little as $15-20 per board.

I generally price my boards by the cubic volume of materials x*y*z, so the thicker they are they are the dearer they get.

Custom sizes are available. I have completed 600mm*500mm boards in walnut and mixed species, large brisket boards with or without juice grooves.

A selection of some of the other smaller boards I have available can be found here

If you don't see what you are looking for I have other boards that may suit your desired dimensions, just send me an email with your requirements.



1) Size: 560mm*430mm*60mm

This board has nice tactile handles in the centre of the board which make it easy to pick up and move around the kitchen if needed. Both sides can be used equally. Juice groove on one side.

Timbers in this board: 100% sustainable sources Southland Silver beech. $500

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