Chopping boards from $60

Chopping boards from $60

Made from laminated strips of various native and exotic timbers.

These are regular sellers, some on small feet, circular ones, platters for cafes, pizza boards. These make nice affordable gifts.

A laser etching service is available to personalise each board. Good for groups, cafes, clubs, small businesses. A small fee from as little as $9.50 per board.

Bring your own design. Design charge is extra.

$60-$80 small.

$80-$120 medium.

$120-$160 large

$160+ extra large

Boards can be made with hand holds for easy moving, extra $10 per board.

I generally price my boards by the cubic volume of materials x*y*z, so the thicker they are they are the dearer they get.

Custom sizes are available.

I have completed 600mm*400mm boards in walnut and mixed species.

Bench hooks.

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